• Blooddragoon91 as maybe some other english speaking people might be interested as well, here a fast explanation of the vote coin system:

    On the main page of the tnr community http://www.tnr-community.de you will find an index tab called 'vote'. It's going to lead you to several links which partly lead you to a voting page called https://deutsche-arkserver.de/

    You have to register yourself there and make a first vote. An other link named " https://vote.tnr-community.de/" will bring you to another page which will ask you about your nickname on the actual voting page, your steam64-id and a PIN-code.

    As soon you put your datas there it will connect you voting account with the local coin account of the tnr-community (maybe I should tell here, that you get only points when you vote for tnr-servers(once per day and per server(100 points)) or leave an adequate comment (once per account(6000 points))).

    The last two links on that page (index tab 'vote') are showing you examples how to check you actual amount of points with one day delay.


    for USERNAME you put your chosen name (the questionmark remains in the link!) and for YOURPIN you put your chosen PIN-code.

    Hope I was able to help.


  • Hello, totally new here but been playing on this server cluster for a couple weeks now and I am mighty curious about these vote coins. I am curious as to how/where we can see how many VoteCoins we have collected? Is this something we have to speak to an admin about or is it something we can find out here on the forums? Been loving playing on this cluster! Thank you for your time.